Fasting, is it any good for you?

Fasting; fasting has been around for years and is very common with specific religions.

What is fasting, quite simply it’s reducing the amount of food/calories into your body and comes in all shapes and sizes. With recent weight loss plans of 5:2, Intermitent Fasting and more recently 16:8, it is becoming a hit with many people.

Most people fast to lose weight, by cutting the number of calories on a specific day or eating within a certain window period will reduce both your appetite and stomach. However weight loss isn’t the only reason people fast, as previously mentioned some fast because of their religion and others to help with bloatedness or for an overall cleanse of both body and skin. Either way, fasting is very common these days with many variations of it too, including juicing, vitamins and reduced calories.

So now we know why people fast here are my top 5 tips to surviving a fast.

  1. Drink plenty of water; this will not only help with any stomach rumbles, but will keep you from feeling lightheaded and will also aid the detox.
  2. Plan what you are going to eat and going to do. There is nothing worse than rummaging around the cupboards when you are hungry, you need to avoid any temptation. In addition, don’t plan any social gatherings, this would be too hard but not impossible.
  3. Have the correct mindset, tell yourself it is only for a short time and it will come to an end.
  4. Go to bed early, if you are like me who always feels more tired on a fast day, staying awake until 11pm isn’t going to help you. Brush your teeth and get an early night.
  5. Stay busy. Sat around with nothing to do will make you think you are more hungry than what you are. Do whatever it takes; clean the house, the car, iron, anything just to keep your mind occupied and your hands busy.

I hope you have found these 5 tips helpful, please share if you have and if you would like my low calorie guide for free, do reach out or find me on

See you soon,


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