Time to Spring Clean your Fragrances

Time to Spring Clean your fragrances. What, I hear you say but I always wear my favourite fragrance whatever the season, uh oh!

As the seasons change so do our scents, our skin and our emotions and therefore so should our fragrances. A wardrobe of fragrances is no longer a rare commodity as these days we change our outfit to our mood so why not our fragrance.

Say goodbye to the Winter scents which are usually musky and warm to help our mood with the weather and dark nights. Therefore come Spring we should lighten up with fragrances that are fresh and bright. Many high street fragrances relaunch in the Springtime with traditional florals and sparkling citrus scents.

Think peony, lime, fresh green notes to bring about energy and freshness, allowing you thoughts of the sun beaming on your face and look for base notes that include Cedar and Tonka Bean as these give the fragrance a powerful base that can last for hours.

A little tip when applying your fragrance. as they contain alcohol is to never apply to clothes or jewellry to prevent staining.

I hope you have found this of value, I would love to know what scent you will be wearing this Spring and if you would like to reach out for some fragrance , please tips please do. You can connect with me here (linktr.ee/shaz_crowley)



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