About Me

My first job is mum of these two monsters, the love of my life and the reason I’m here. When Ellie, my eldest, was born with Down’s Syndrome, my life changed. Not only had I not heard of DS, I had never met a person with a disability. However as a family we got on with life and learned so much about acceptance, love and met so many new people that have stayed in our life since.

Along came Billy and our family was complete; one girl, one boy. At this time I had retrained from a bank manager to a maths tutor and was enjoying teaching but the time came when Ellie started school. At this point my teaching hours didn’t fit, my husband, Jason was establishing his career as a Uni Lecturer and my father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I chose to take a year out.

As a family we survived financially and it worked, I became school mum, I met new friends, joined the PTA and attended all Ellie’s appointments. So I chose to leave work. This didn’t last long, I’m not your typical housewife, I can’t cook & cleaning ugh, not for me. So I responded to a Facebook advertisement asking for people that could work from home, and here I am, 2 years later.

I enjoy my life, I’ve tried every diet possible, I love Prossecco, I try to exercise and I’m learning to cook. Stay with me as I learn the skills of being a success in Network Marketing. Stay with me as I learn how to be the best you can be and stay with me as I share my fun and experiences of being mum to these two rugrats.