Routine, mum’s do you need one?

Routine, do you have one, do you need one?

As a busy mum of two young ones, I kind of thought I had a routine going and to some degree I did. I got up, fed the kids, shipped them of to school, picked them back up etc However once I started building a business online I realised that my ‘so called’ routine just simply wasn’t working anymore. I picked the kids up and hadn’t even thought about tea, I began rushing to complete homework last minute and you can only imagine the rows I had with my husband. He wanted to know what on earth I was doing between 9 & 3 and to be honest so did I!

So I started to implement a routine with a planner, blocking out time that was needed with my family first. Next came the essential chores within the household and this started to make me decide somethings could be delegated (I hadn’t thought of this before but my children are now of an age they can help) and the time left was for my online business and the all important ‘me time’. I slowly started to work smarter, concentrating on what needed to be done and what really could be left and this is still an ongoing project.

The house is slowly starting to run a little more smoothly, I am not running around like a headless chicken and the family are adapting to this new routine.  School holidays however can be a nightmare, especially when building an online business but having the planner and ensuring that sometime, no matter how small, is spent on the essentials; it should work. This will also help me focus more when working, rather than looking busy (another story) and ensure I fit it in around the family (for instance when they are sleeping).

My motto is to always look for the win /win.

I hope this has helped you and understand that mum’s not only need a routine, it is essential to get things done on time, all the time and the kids do appreciate it too; it is even more important when building an online business. If you are struggling with routines, I would be happy to send you my FREE  guide ‘How to plan your day’.

Thank you very much for reading and do comment and share if you have found this of value as I always reply to your comments personally.


What To Do When You Want To Quit!

Have you ever had a time, a day, where you just want to quit. Quit life, quit being a mum, quit the diet, quit the job as it all gets too much and you’ve simply had enough. Yes? Well that’s me most days, luckily though it’s only for about five short minutes but yes the feeling of throwing my teddy out of the cot arises more often than not and more so as I’ve gotten older.

Why? Probably because as a mum you feel you have to be in charge of everything; the house, the family life, the bills, the shopping, the extra curricular activities your kids attend and the list goes on. So now we get the gist of quitting life, what should you do to help you avoid quitting as that is the only thing that is actually important, to not quit.

Here are my 5 Top Tips to stop and help you;
1. Give yourself permission to feel these quitting emotions even if it’s for 5 seconds, acknowledge them then throw them out like the bad rubbish they are as we don’t need any negativity.

2. Give yourself a talking too, remember why you are doing these things, if it’s the weight loss,  reason with your conscience how much you will feel better when you’ve lost weight. If it’s the kids, remember why you love them.

3. Give yourself some time out as sometimes that’s all we need, a cup of tea, a half hour in the bath or all day if you can. Grab a book and go back to bed.

4. Give yourself some leeway and delegate some of  your chores, could the older children help around the house more, could you learn to shop online, could you buddy up with a friend whose child does the same activities to take turns for lifts?

5. Give yourself something to look forward to, a date night, a spa weekend, a holiday and hopefully by concentrating on that, this will make the suffering of today worthwhile.

I hope this has helped and if you can relate to any of it, please do reach out, it’s always great to connect to like-minded people, you can find me here ( or leave a comment below. Feel free to share and I look forward to sharing more of my ‘Life in the 40’s’ with you very soon.


Why are some fragrances so expensive?


Do you ever wonder why some fragrances are more expensive than others, let’s look into why.

The Main Reason is Ingredients

If the ingredients in fragrances are rare, such as flower petals or the essence of a rare root like jasmine, this will have an effect on the price. Others may contain synthetic ingredients that are hard or at least expensive to make. Also the scarcity of an ingredient (say one that blooms for only one month a year) can add to its value.

Did you know, the perfume branded in 1930 as “the world’s most expensive perfume,” Jean Patou Joy Perfume, was so expensive (and still remains pricey today) because it takes 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses to make one bottle, according to the website Fragrantica.

The priciest ingredients found in perfume include jasmine (it takes 8,000 jasmine flowers to yield 1/25 ounce of oil), the Bulgarian Rose, Oud, Ambergris, and Orris. However not all of these are fancy flower petals, for instance, Ambergris actually comes from the intestines of sperm whales and musk in its natural form comes from the secretions from the male musk deer.

What I find fascinating is that the pricey jasmine and rose oils are found in a majority of women’s fragrances and pricey musk is found in most men’s. You will pay more for perfume, which contains 15 % or more of the essential fragrance than you will for Eau de Parfum, which contains between 8 & 15 5. Eau de Toilette however only contains 5 – 8%

The Second Reason is Marketing

Companies spend millions on marketing a perfume that is hard to sell. They spend money on celebrity spokespersons and on ad campaigns. You, the public are simply paying for that marketing in the end and you’re also paying that celebrity to promote the fragrance that they probably don’t even wear in real life.

Some brands market perfumes like art or a very fine wine, creating only so many bottles to sell and this exclusivity creates interest and buzz; buyers descend willingly to pay the price, possibly to brag for owning a limited bottle

The Final Reason is Packaging

Perfumers know that pretty packaging is needed for a product to stand out, this costs money. For instance, some of the world’s most expensive perfumes come in Baccarat crystal bottles. Baccarat is a French company that creates and sells the finest crystal today and other bottles have diamonds in them and solid gold bits. Unfortunately, in this instance it’s hard to figure out if you are paying for the marketing or the rare materials.

Sharon Crowley

If you would like to pay only for the ingredients in fragrances, get in touch and send me a message.

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Tired of Feeling Tired

tirednessIn today’s hectic world it’s common to hear of people feeling tired. The saying of ‘not enough hours in the day’ and ‘if only I had more energy’ are spoken of often. However if you’re lacking in energy on a regular basis and then there could be something you could do to correct it.

Here are my Top 5 things to consider;

  1. Diet;  a poor diet can cause an energy drain and a magnesium deficiency. This can be changed by following a balanced diet that’s not full of sugar and includes fish & nuts.
  2. Sleep; sleep isn’t just about how long you’re asleep but how well you sleep. With today’s technology such as fitbit’s monitor how long you’re in a deep rested sleep for.
  3. Coffee; are you drinking too much. Whilst caffeine can give a quick energy kick it doesn’t always last so try swapping your next coffee for a water.
  4. Exercise; when the dark cold nights start it’s often harder to get some fresh air but staying indoors all day with the heating on can affect your energy levels. Therefore try to get out for at least a 10 minute walk each day.
  5. Medical; if you are following all of  the above tips then do seek medical advice as there are plenty of undiagnosed conditions such as a yeast infection, thyroid problems and diabetes that can be impacting on your energy levels.

I hope you have found this of value, do feel free to comment or share and if you would like to see what I added to my diet to gain more energy recently, get in touch.