Is your man wearing the right aftershave to suit his personality?

Did you know that a fragrance on a man says a lot about his personality so the question I ask ‘Is your man or friend, or male family member wearing the right aftershave for his personality?’ A signature scent is an extension of a man’s soul according to Roja Dove.

If the man you know likes his scent citrusy  then he is probably quite sporty as these fragrances are clean, sharp and energetic. A Gourmand fragrance takes their cues from food as the notes are based around vanilla, chocolate & coffee notes. These fragrances have become quite popular recently and are for the sensual males.

Woody fragrances are usually sought by the solid and easy going and generally worn by married men. Oriental fragrances are for the hedonist male who love staying until the end of the party. Whilst Oud scents are for the self assured men as real Oud is an expensive ingredient.

Other male fragrance families are the marine ones which were huge in the 90’s and still going strong for the minimalist men and finally if your man like his sporty scents, these are very uplifting with spicy notes and worn by those that enjoy sports.

I hope you have found this useful, is it accurate? Please share with me your findings and if you know of someone that still hasn’t found their signature scent, share this with them it just might help.

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Time to Spring Clean your Fragrances

Time to Spring Clean your fragrances. What, I hear you say but I always wear my favourite fragrance whatever the season, uh oh!

As the seasons change so do our scents, our skin and our emotions and therefore so should our fragrances. A wardrobe of fragrances is no longer a rare commodity as these days we change our outfit to our mood so why not our fragrance.

Say goodbye to the Winter scents which are usually musky and warm to help our mood with the weather and dark nights. Therefore come Spring we should lighten up with fragrances that are fresh and bright. Many high street fragrances relaunch in the Springtime with traditional florals and sparkling citrus scents.

Think peony, lime, fresh green notes to bring about energy and freshness, allowing you thoughts of the sun beaming on your face and look for base notes that include Cedar and Tonka Bean as these give the fragrance a powerful base that can last for hours.

A little tip when applying your fragrance. as they contain alcohol is to never apply to clothes or jewellry to prevent staining.

I hope you have found this of value, I would love to know what scent you will be wearing this Spring and if you would like to reach out for some fragrance , please tips please do. You can connect with me here (


When to wear your fragrance?

With so much choice in today’s fragrances, it’s rare that people actually have a signature scent these days. Are you like me, do you change your fragrance daily? If so consider these tips of when to wear certain fragrance notes.

– Woody notes are strong and would be useful to wear for an interview or somewhere you want to be seen as a strong individual, maybe giving a speech.

– Spicy notes are comforting and would be ideal to a parents evening.

– Oriental notes are very seductive and perfect for a date night.

– Green notes are considered sporty and should be worn in the daytime and for all those extra curricular activities you go to after school.

– Fruity notes are feminine and friendly, wear these on a shopping trip or lunch with friends.

– Floral notes are ideal to show off your feminine side, consider a wedding or event.

These are just a guideline and I hope they have helped. Not long ago I didn’t wear perfume daily as I used to save it for best but now luckily I don’t have too. If you would like to know more, comment below or get in touch.

Sharon Crowley

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Why are some fragrances so expensive?


Do you ever wonder why some fragrances are more expensive than others, let’s look into why.

The Main Reason is Ingredients

If the ingredients in fragrances are rare, such as flower petals or the essence of a rare root like jasmine, this will have an effect on the price. Others may contain synthetic ingredients that are hard or at least expensive to make. Also the scarcity of an ingredient (say one that blooms for only one month a year) can add to its value.

Did you know, the perfume branded in 1930 as “the world’s most expensive perfume,” Jean Patou Joy Perfume, was so expensive (and still remains pricey today) because it takes 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses to make one bottle, according to the website Fragrantica.

The priciest ingredients found in perfume include jasmine (it takes 8,000 jasmine flowers to yield 1/25 ounce of oil), the Bulgarian Rose, Oud, Ambergris, and Orris. However not all of these are fancy flower petals, for instance, Ambergris actually comes from the intestines of sperm whales and musk in its natural form comes from the secretions from the male musk deer.

What I find fascinating is that the pricey jasmine and rose oils are found in a majority of women’s fragrances and pricey musk is found in most men’s. You will pay more for perfume, which contains 15 % or more of the essential fragrance than you will for Eau de Parfum, which contains between 8 & 15 5. Eau de Toilette however only contains 5 – 8%

The Second Reason is Marketing

Companies spend millions on marketing a perfume that is hard to sell. They spend money on celebrity spokespersons and on ad campaigns. You, the public are simply paying for that marketing in the end and you’re also paying that celebrity to promote the fragrance that they probably don’t even wear in real life.

Some brands market perfumes like art or a very fine wine, creating only so many bottles to sell and this exclusivity creates interest and buzz; buyers descend willingly to pay the price, possibly to brag for owning a limited bottle

The Final Reason is Packaging

Perfumers know that pretty packaging is needed for a product to stand out, this costs money. For instance, some of the world’s most expensive perfumes come in Baccarat crystal bottles. Baccarat is a French company that creates and sells the finest crystal today and other bottles have diamonds in them and solid gold bits. Unfortunately, in this instance it’s hard to figure out if you are paying for the marketing or the rare materials.

Sharon Crowley

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