Should you Change your Skincare in your 40’s?

As we  get older, unfortunately, so does our skin and as I begin another year in my 40’s it has made me realise that not only is my shape changing but so is the texture of my skin, it’s feeling dryer.

After doing some research I have since found that our skin-plumping collagen levels reduce dramatically in our 40’s as does the elastin which keeps it springy so find products that will help with this. In addition, a woman will start to produce less sebum which can result in puffiness around your eyes, therefore a daily massage whilst applying your moisturiser can help with this as can a monthly facial by the experts.

I would highly suggest to start applying a face mask regularly, and give your skin what it needs some extra TLC. Finally, start to look for products that do more than one thing, products that can help with anti-ageing, contain vitamin ingredients and SPF coverage.

Don’t be upset by all these changes, as we all know us women in our 40’s are wiser and more confident in our own skin than ever before.

If you have found some value in this, please do feel free to comment and share, however if you would like to see what I’m currently using for my own skincare routine reach out and we can have a chat.

Sharon x