Stop the FAD’S

Stop the FAD’s, what do I mean by that?

Fad Diets are something that you cannot sustain, a plan you follow that is short lived and how many times have you found that when you stop you put the weight back on and  often more as well?

I used to believe that doing something for 21 days will help you create a good habit but that is where I have been failing as I have since found it can actually take up to 3 months to make a new habit stick.

Therefore here are my top 3 tips to creating good healthy habits that you will keep and avoid the FAD’s forever.

First; identify your obstacles, then plan a defense. I did a Facebook live on this the other week. If you can identify exactly when you are going to fall off the wagon, which we all do, then you can have an alternative on standby already in your mind of how to avoid this. This is known as the method, ‘If then, then that’
Here’s an example If I go out on a night out, I will make sure every second drink is a non alcoholic one.

My second tip is to be SMART, set yourself some SMART goals.
SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Instead of simply thinking, I will just lose weight, State to yourself “I will lose 7lbs by March 20th which is 1lb a week by not eating after 7pm”

The final tip is accountability; share your journey with friends that way you can update them with your successes, stay focused and they can be there for you if at times you find you are struggling. Get a friend to keep you on track and message them regularly, ideally someone that is very positive. Get up early and plan your meals, plan your exercise and write down why you are embarking on this journey everyday. This will help you with your motivation.

I hope this helps and feel free to follow my journey on Facebook @ShazsBeautySecrets

See you next week,



Are you Mindful of what you Eat?

As a mum who struggles with time, life regularly consisted of eating on the go; standing up, in the car….you name it I ate there except for the right place, which is eating sitting down at the table. In hindsight I truly believe this has had an impact on my weight and never really thought about it until I read an article on Mindful Eating.

In summary, Mindful Eating is simply being mindful of what you eat and whilst I don’t have the time to thank the world for each grain I eat but I am starting to incorporate, albeit slowly, daily the following to help me appreciate my food more.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to help you be more mindful of what you eat.

  1. Eat sitting down at the table, look at your food and when the food is placed in your mouth chew slowly.
  2. Don’t have any device next to you or any music on. If you’re sitting with the family, enjoy chatting to them. If you are on your own, enjoy the peace.
  3. Think of food as fuel for your body and remove all emotions attached to it.
  4. Try to eat at regular set times each day, that way your body will learn and understand when it’s getting fueled and should avoid any rumblings or headaches.
  5. Enjoy your food and when you’re comfortably full, finish. Place your fork down and move your plate, you really don’t have to finish everything in front of you. Now I’m not saying throw the food away, if you can place it in the fridge or the freezer.

I hope you have found value in this and let me know if you can work on one or more of these tips. In addition, if you would like this weeks freebie; “Snacks that are less than 100 calories” comment below or reach out and see you next week


First blog post

Hi and here we are with my own very first blog post, it’s October 18th 2017 and I have been wanting to blog for so long so to say I’m excited is an understatement.

Who am I?

I am Sharon, a mum of 2, Full Time Carer to my eldest and I gave up my teaching career four years ago when my daughter started school. More on that to come.

Why Blog?

Well I’ve been in Network Marketing for 2 years now and I wanted to share my experience, what I’ve learned along the way with you as well as my trials and tribulations on my journey as a mum.

My mission is to inspire both my children and you to be the best you can be, whatever that means for you.

Say Hi and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you.