Is your man wearing the right aftershave to suit his personality?

Did you know that a fragrance on a man says a lot about his personality so the question I ask ‘Is your man or friend, or male family member wearing the right aftershave for his personality?’ A signature scent is an extension of a man’s soul according to Roja Dove.

If the man you know likes his scent citrusy  then he is probably quite sporty as these fragrances are clean, sharp and energetic. A Gourmand fragrance takes their cues from food as the notes are based around vanilla, chocolate & coffee notes. These fragrances have become quite popular recently and are for the sensual males.

Woody fragrances are usually sought by the solid and easy going and generally worn by married men. Oriental fragrances are for the hedonist male who love staying until the end of the party. Whilst Oud scents are for the self assured men as real Oud is an expensive ingredient.

Other male fragrance families are the marine ones which were huge in the 90’s and still going strong for the minimalist men and finally if your man like his sporty scents, these are very uplifting with spicy notes and worn by those that enjoy sports.

I hope you have found this useful, is it accurate? Please share with me your findings and if you know of someone that still hasn’t found their signature scent, share this with them it just might help.

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Fragrances of the 90’s making a comeback

The Scent of Nostalgia is returning for Christmas 2017 and the shops are predicting the bestsellers will be retro fragrances. Fragrances from over 20 years are making a comeback bigtime.

Three of the top five UK fragrances predicted are all vantage scents – Angel by Thierry Mulger, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Alien also by Thierry Mulger. Fragrance retailers have seen a huge shift in customers looking to buy re-branded classics from the 90’s.

Have you purchased one of these classic fragrances this year or did you used to wear them in days gone by. I would love to hear from you.

Sharon Crowley

(info taken from, Francis Kurkdijan)