Are you over 40 and enjoy a tipple, then you need to read this.

When you reach 40 and if like me, you enjoy a drink, experts are urging us to spare a thought on the damage our drinking habits are doing to our bodies. A recent survey found that 28%  of women over 45 admitted they drank as much or more than their grown-up children, also those 65 and over stated that they are most likely to drink on five consecutive nights each week.

Why does it feel like the effects of drinking are so much worse after hitting 40? Quite simply “The organs that metabolise alcohol such as the liver and the stomach shrink as you get older, so alcohol stays in your system longer,” says Dr Tony Rao, consultant old age psychiatrist at the South london and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

This could explain why you feel you now suffer from a two-day hangover  “Plus, the total fluid in the body is a lot less – we get more dehydrated as we get older – so because alcohol is distributed in blood which will be more concentrated, it won’t be broken down as quickly as it would in the bloodstream of a 20 year old.” It has also been evidenced that the brain is affected a lot quicker than the liver therefore drinking regularly can result in depression and moodiness, however the good news is that this can be reversed with 6 months of not drinking.

Alcohol also causes a flushing of the skin, causing flare ups of Rosacea and you may find you get spots after a night out, heavy drinkers tend to look a little worse for wear as the skin becomes dehydrated, this can then lead to puffiness around the eyes. In addition the excess sugars you’re consuming damage the DNA and collagen in the skin which can lead to more rapid ageing.

Alcohol can definitely have an effect on you if you are trying to lose weight given that it contains seven calories per gram, nearly the same as fat (9 calories per gram) and when you drink the body recognises its by-products as toxins and chooses to break these down first over the nutrients in food, explains nutritionist Robert Hobson, co-author of The Detox Kitchen Bible (Bloomsbury £14.99).  ‘ When the body gets round to metabolising the food, it may no longer require the calories, so they get stored as fat.’

So try to understand why you’re drinking and see if you can consider an alternative to help you relax, de stress and always aim to have a few consecutive nights rest.
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Resource: The Telegraph

Should you Change your Skincare in your 40’s?

As we  get older, unfortunately, so does our skin and as I begin another year in my 40’s it has made me realise that not only is my shape changing but so is the texture of my skin, it’s feeling dryer.

After doing some research I have since found that our skin-plumping collagen levels reduce dramatically in our 40’s as does the elastin which keeps it springy so find products that will help with this. In addition, a woman will start to produce less sebum which can result in puffiness around your eyes, therefore a daily massage whilst applying your moisturiser can help with this as can a monthly facial by the experts.

I would highly suggest to start applying a face mask regularly, and give your skin what it needs some extra TLC. Finally, start to look for products that do more than one thing, products that can help with anti-ageing, contain vitamin ingredients and SPF coverage.

Don’t be upset by all these changes, as we all know us women in our 40’s are wiser and more confident in our own skin than ever before.

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