Tired of Feeling Tired

tirednessIn today’s hectic world it’s common to hear of people feeling tired. The saying of ‘not enough hours in the day’ and ‘if only I had more energy’ are spoken of often. However if you’re lacking in energy on a regular basis and then there could be something you could do to correct it.

Here are my Top 5 things to consider;

  1. Diet;  a poor diet can cause an energy drain and a magnesium deficiency. This can be changed by following a balanced diet that’s not full of sugar and includes fish & nuts.
  2. Sleep; sleep isn’t just about how long you’re asleep but how well you sleep. With today’s technology such as fitbit’s monitor how long you’re in a deep rested sleep for.
  3. Coffee; are you drinking too much. Whilst caffeine can give a quick energy kick it doesn’t always last so try swapping your next coffee for a water.
  4. Exercise; when the dark cold nights start it’s often harder to get some fresh air but staying indoors all day with the heating on can affect your energy levels. Therefore try to get out for at least a 10 minute walk each day.
  5. Medical; if you are following all of  the above tips then do seek medical advice as there are plenty of undiagnosed conditions such as a yeast infection, thyroid problems and diabetes that can be impacting on your energy levels.

I hope you have found this of value, do feel free to comment or share and if you would like to see what I added to my diet to gain more energy recently, get in touch.



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