Why are some fragrances so expensive?


Do you ever wonder why some fragrances are more expensive than others, let’s look into why.

The Main Reason is Ingredients

If the ingredients in fragrances are rare, such as flower petals or the essence of a rare root like jasmine, this will have an effect on the price. Others may contain synthetic ingredients that are hard or at least expensive to make. Also the scarcity of an ingredient (say one that blooms for only one month a year) can add to its value.

Did you know, the perfume branded in 1930 as “the world’s most expensive perfume,” Jean Patou Joy Perfume, was so expensive (and still remains pricey today) because it takes 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses to make one bottle, according to the website Fragrantica.

The priciest ingredients found in perfume include jasmine (it takes 8,000 jasmine flowers to yield 1/25 ounce of oil), the Bulgarian Rose, Oud, Ambergris, and Orris. However not all of these are fancy flower petals, for instance, Ambergris actually comes from the intestines of sperm whales and musk in its natural form comes from the secretions from the male musk deer.

What I find fascinating is that the pricey jasmine and rose oils are found in a majority of women’s fragrances and pricey musk is found in most men’s. You will pay more for perfume, which contains 15 % or more of the essential fragrance than you will for Eau de Parfum, which contains between 8 & 15 5. Eau de Toilette however only contains 5 – 8%

The Second Reason is Marketing

Companies spend millions on marketing a perfume that is hard to sell. They spend money on celebrity spokespersons and on ad campaigns. You, the public are simply paying for that marketing in the end and you’re also paying that celebrity to promote the fragrance that they probably don’t even wear in real life.

Some brands market perfumes like art or a very fine wine, creating only so many bottles to sell and this exclusivity creates interest and buzz; buyers descend willingly to pay the price, possibly to brag for owning a limited bottle

The Final Reason is Packaging

Perfumers know that pretty packaging is needed for a product to stand out, this costs money. For instance, some of the world’s most expensive perfumes come in Baccarat crystal bottles. Baccarat is a French company that creates and sells the finest crystal today and other bottles have diamonds in them and solid gold bits. Unfortunately, in this instance it’s hard to figure out if you are paying for the marketing or the rare materials.

Sharon Crowley

If you would like to pay only for the ingredients in fragrances, get in touch and send me a message.

Info sourced from liveabout.com




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